How To Start A Blog In India

Hi readers, I’m Akshay, founder of this website. Basically I am from an IT background but I am not a coder nor a developer. I could be but it was not my cup of tea.

Today, I came up with my journey of blogging. When and How did I start blogging? Why? What inspired me? all the question’s answers I will share here.

The journey begins in December 2020. When I was working in a company, I was not happy with that. That time I was looking for something better which I can do simultaneously with a job. I got to a point where I stuck for a while and quickly decided to move further with that.

I do remember on 9th December 2020 I purchased my first domain from and a hosting plan from

Genuinely speaking at that time I didn’t know about how to write, how to run a blog, WordPress knowledge and other important segments. 

But “Practice makes a man perfect” pushed me into a mind blowing journey of blogging.

So let’s move ahead with the step by step guide of how to start a blog in India:

What You Need To Start A Blog

To get started with a blog you don’t need lots of things at the very beginning. But you have one thing that must be there – passionate about writing.

Just think a little, if you don’t like writing then how can you start a blog?

In simple words – a blog is information you provide about any specific item, topic, place or person.

For that you should have good knowledge and more importantly you should be passionate about writing.

If and only if you love writing then you can start blogging anytime.


So let’s move ahead with

Choose A Best Niche for you

It is crucial to choose the best niche for your blogging. As you are reading this article you may understand what my niche is all about. It’s all about digital marketing, business and online money earning.

I am passionate about all the mentioned topics and I chose Digital Marketing as a career so I have knowledge of it and I am gaining as much as I can.

Just like me you will also be passionate about something and have some skills which you can describe better to understand it easily to people.

There are countless topics you can choose as your blog niche but there are Top blog ideas I cover here to get started with it. You will definitely get your best one niche by reading this article.

Choose Your Blog Name 

Choosing a blog name is also a unique process. It should be relatable to your writing and it should match what you are trying to spread the information about. 

While checking the availability of a domain name you will be stuck in a mess where your chosen name might not be available for you. In total, there are currently 367.3 million (approx.) domain name registrations. So how can you get your easiest and best one blog name today?

Let me give my example here, why I chose “Xpro Digitals”. At the very beginning when I was thinking about what should be the blog name for myself, I didn’t know that it should match my writings or my vision. My first domain was “”. I thought it would be a good one to go with but I didn’t get a kick by having it. 2 to 3 months later I purchased my 2nd domain name “” by thinking that I will help people to make one crore brand with that but again after 3 to 4 months I changed my mind I was looking for something different and Finally in Sept 2021 I registered for “”.

Last time I saw my vision first where I will see myself in this journey. In the future I will start my own digital marketing company.

So I wanted a uniqueness in the name. Xpro – Here “X” is the multiple of 10x – 20x or so on, “pro” gives a thought of an advanced level or version of anything, “Digitals” could be Digital Solution or Services in near future. Combinedly “Xpro Digitals” means 10x – 20x advanced digital marketing industry. I don’t know if you got my point or not but please understand it at your level.

So the point is how to choose it at the very beginning.
  • Have a visionary path to see the long term goal.
  • Uniqueness in the domain name – which can be your business name in future.
  • Name should be 10 to 12 Characters long. It should be easy to remember.
  • It can be a combination of two or three words.

Don’t confuse people by combining words because your blog name / domain name is the first thing people see and decide to visit your blog or not.

Choose it wisely by putting your passion, knowledge and skills in mind while looking for a best name for you.

Once you choose it, be sure you will go parallelly with that. Make a clear vision about how your content will be around your niche.

Buy Hosting Plan

To be available online each website needs servers. Your website needs to be stored somewhere for storing your content, images, and all other files. 

Hosting providers provide and maintain web servers that ensure your visitors have constant access to your site.

When a user searches for your website on its browser, it connects to the server where your website is hosted on. Then the server sends the stored files that are up for display to the user on their browser.

Primarily there are two kinds of web hosting solutions. One is free service and the other is paid hosting.

  • The free hosting provides free service for its end user but it is heavily powered by advertisements. 
  • Paid hosting is more reliable and safe in the long run and provides flexibility in terms of storage for handling heavy traffic.

There are many hosting providers available today. Choosing the right hosting plan means allocating resources so that your website can load quickly and reliably for your visitors.

I have chosen Hostinger Shared hosting plans for my websites. Hostinger is the best and cost effective for beginners. 

It is very much affordable to beginners as per the price and service they provide. If the price is low it doesn’t mean that the service will be cheap. 

Start With WordPress

Getting started with your blog you need to choose a platform where all you have access for design and maintain your website. There are plenty of website running platforms you can choose from but one of the most using, easy and free of cost platforms is “”.   

There is the second most usable platform you can choose – “”. It is owned by Google. 

I personally recommend – WordPress because it is very much easy to use and you can make changes in your website designing part frequently. There is no need to code for it. 

You just have to drag and drop website blocks, choose different colors for your best design.

In WordPress you will get plenty of free and useful plugins. You will have many options for choosing the right theme for your niche. 

As a beginner, freely available plugins and themes are sufficient for you to reach hundreds of monthly traffic and generate revenue. But once you start earning from your blog you have to purchase premium service to reach more thousands visitors.

Blog Theme

A theme is related to a designing part of your website. Everybody chooses a unique blog design to look different from other websites.

WordPress has plenty of different types of themes collections for each type of niche like blog sites, E-commerce sites, Business websites etc.

WordPress provides child themes freely to all where you can make minor changes only. It doesn’t give you full access to make changes as required. To get complete authority to make a design as required buy premium themes for your blog.

Your blog theme must be lightweight. A lightweight theme loads fast and visitors don’t leave your site quickly. I personally use GeneratePress themes for my websites. It is highly recommended as one of the best lightweight themes. GeneratePress premium theme bundle provides several design options. 

Remember one important thing, a heavily designed theme affects your page loading time because bounce rate increases and it impacts directly on your visitors because people don’t wait more than 2 – 3 seconds to open a website. 


As a beginner you don’t need more plugins to run a blog. Because a huge amount of plugins can slow down your website. At starting you only require few important plugins mentioned below:

SEO Plugin

SEO Plugin is a must for everybody. It helps you to follow SEO techniques and it alerts you when something is missing. I use All In One SEO which helps me a lot while writing an article. It suggests what to do, not to do etc.

You can use Yoast SEO Plugin too. It is also one of the best and many big players suggest using it.

Classic Editor

To write smoothly you will need an editor so Classic Editor is the best. WordPress came up with Block Editor but it is somewhat hard to use so install Classic Editor for that.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is also a tool for analyzing users behavior with your website. It helps you to check how many visitors visit your site. You can check active users, bounce rate, session duration etc.

Google Search Console

Search Console is a Google’s product to analyze your website’s performance. For that you have to link your website with Search Console. 

Search Console is mandatory for everybody to check whether your blog is available on Google search results or not. It provides you how your website is performing and what errors your visitors are facing with your website.

Final Words

By following the above guideline you can start your own blog website. It is not hard to get started but getting high quality traffic to your blog is tough because it does not happen overnight. After starting with a website there are many internal factors which affect getting a high rank for your blog but by solving each thread you can touch the top rank. Your consistent efforts, high quality content and SEO best practices will help you pull up in the search results.