Top 17 Blog Ideas That Make Money

Are you looking to start a blog but can’t figure out which niche or topic to choose?

Let us help you a little to make a decision which blog you can start.

Choosing the right niche or topic for writing a blog is very very important. Because your blog topic should match your thought process, ability, in depth knowledge and your passion.

Starting a blog is up to you. If you are a fashion and lifestyle holic and you like to look stylish and you have in-depth knowledge of how to choose clothing, brands, color and pattern but you started blogging on Tech Gadgets then tell me how you can write a blog when you have no knowledge of technology and not passionate about it.

Decide which topic is right for you to write blogs and your knowledge and think deeply about it.

In this article we have brought you 17 top ideas to choose the best for your blogging. So let’s try one by one

Health & Fitness Blog

Health and fitness are the most popular blog topics right now. Due to Covid-19 dilemma people deeply look into their health and fitness. You will get a target audience and generate huge traffic to your blog in these niches.


The reason why health and fitness are so popular these days is simple: we often eat junk foods, street foods and gain weight.

People are always looking for easy and quick ways to get a lean body and stay fit.

When you start thinking about topics to write something, you won’t run out of ideas. There is tremendous information you can put in your content.

For example, you have various topics to write on health and fitness blog:

  • Exercises: Yoga, CrossFit, Running, Meditation…
  • Diet Plan: Keto, Vegan Diet, Low Carb Diet, Intermittent Fasting…
  • Gender wise: Men, Women, Old Age, Youngster…

Also, if you’re an expert in a specific area like Yoga trainer or Fitness trainer, you can share helpful tips, beginner’s guides, and home exercises with your readers.

Business & Marketing Blog

You will get a lot of branded content on this topic because every big company and marketing firms deeply wrote about their business growth and strategies for their clients. If you’ve been reading a lot about blogging, you will reach a point where you find every popular blog talks about blogging, marketing or building a business!


If you’re from a business or marketing background or if you have studied in business school and acquired knowledge then starting a blog in this niche could be a great idea.

You can choose one of the below mentioned type as per your expertise and interests:

  • Business-to-Business Marketing
  • Business-to-Consumer marketing
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting and Growing Companies
  • Startup Case Studies, Fund Raising, Management etc.
  • Small businesses: Digital Store, Drop Shipping, Courier Service etc.
  • A particular area of marketing: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting

Personal Finance Blog

Personal Finance blogs give actionable advice to any aged user. Whether it’s a college student, young, or parents, everyone could gain more knowledge about their personal finances.


Finance reaches out to different types of people: Students, Self Employed, Employee, Business Owners etc so there’s a huge amount of finance topics to write about. This means you won’t need to be stuck on thinking for a title of new blog posts.

There are hundreds of different types of personal finance blog niches to choose from. Some of these blog niches include:

  • Frugal Spending
  • Passive Income
  • Investment
  • Money Saving Ideas
  • Retirement Plan

This is why personal finance is one of the best niche blogs that give a proper solution to make money. It’s useful for everyone, men-women, young-old and you have a quality topics to cover.

Personal Development Blog

Personal development is one of the best blog niches you can choose to make money right now. In today’s world everyone struggles with the way we live our lives from time to time.


In order to monetize your blog, your focus should be on a very specific problem. Which is going to help you attract a targeted audience and readers who love your writing are more likely to purchase from you.

For example, I procrastinate way too often. It kills my work productivity and makes me stressed out. It impacts badly on my career, and I need easy but powerful tools that help me get out of it.

Look at few ideas for a personal development blog:

  • Enhancing lifestyle
  • Quality of life
  • Time management
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Improvement in Self-confidence
  • Fulfilling long-term aspirations in life

Educational Blog

In this blog niche you can write about in depth knowledge of any particular topic. For this you have a command of that topic like you are teaching that to people for a long time.


Teaching your favorite subject to your readers is one of the best blog ideas that make money these days.

You’ll find yourself motivated and your readers will appreciate your help to gain knowledge, too.

For example, you’re a photographer and you can write detailed tutorials for beginners on how to start photography. Or maybe you’re an experienced developer and you can offer coding tips for people who want to become a developer.

In this blog niche you can earn through selling E books, Online Courses, or other information products.

Here are some ideas for a Educational blog:

  • Cooking
  • Personality Development
  • Yoga
  • Photography etc.

Technology Blog

Technology blogs are all about providing information and product reviews on the latest tech gadgets. It helps to influence reader’s buying decisions, because of this, Potential customers are likely to find an affiliate link for purchasing. Tech blogs make a lot of money through affiliate commissions.


People normally want to read about the Pros and Cons of the product. Everybody here compares the things by their features.

Tech products are also high-value items, you can earn a lot of money by small transactions from Amazon affiliates. There are other affiliate providers like CJ, Impact Radius, Click bank etc. who offer you 50 to 70% commission on the purchasing value.

Tech blogs cover a variety of topics and niches, the most common are:

  • Product reviews
  • Product comparisons
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Features and Benefits
  • News and Updates

Gaming Blog

In recent years video games have become the most powerful platform of entertainment and continue growing year by year. And you can imagine, there is a lot of money you can make in this niche by providing updated content..


Gaming platforms are trending worldwide and people search about gaming news and updates. The gaming industry is huge and there is something breaking news on a daily basis.

You have to be aware of reporting on every leak, rumor, trailer, interview, and everything else gaming-related allows you to create endless content. To monetize your gaming blog you will get sponsorships and advertising of video games from the companies.

Making Money Blog

Nowadays everyone wants to make money online, there are various kinds of topics you can choose in the make money niche. 


There is an endless content line you can produce. In fact, there is a separate section of topics you can focus on money making ideas that are all unique to have separate blogs.

For example, a blog on how to make money online is completely different from a blog on how to make money by trading. And the people will always be looking for the easiest way to earn money to get rich quickly.

Career Advice Blog

In a highly competitive world, people are always looking for some effective and useful career advice over the web. You can start a blog where you can guide people or aspirants as per your knowledge and interest that can help them to decide and achieve their career goals.


You can choose any particular area of topic like if you’re working as an Software Engineer in an IT company, you can guide students what to choose to be the expert in one area of IT industry or if you’ve ever cracked any competitive exam like  CAT, GATE, UPSC, MPSC etc. – you can provide the roadmap to the students on how to crack such exams.

Keep one thing in mind if you don’t have knowledge of any particular subject or field, don’t write on that because your unknown writing will affect someone’s career. Always write on what you’ve done in your career and how you have reached that level.

You can provide in person consultation or you can make your own portfolio of courses to monetize.

Parenting Blog

Parenting is a profitable niche and one of the popular blogs newly becoming parents can start.


In the parenting niche you will find thousands of blogs out there, which cover all sorts of different angles of parenting. While you might think this is full of mommy bloggers but it all belongs to both mother & father so there is a huge audience for parenting blogs.

Parenting blogs cover a variety of topics, like:

  • Home schooling
  • Raising teenagers
  • Work and kids
  • Family Tours with children
  • Parenting Expenses
  • Children’s health

Parenting blogs also have the benefit of making money and spending more time at home with your kids.

Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs have a bunch of topics, like culture, personal living and relationships.

In this topic you can write about your experience, your culture, society and many more human life related topics.


One of the benefits of lifestyle blogging is that you can change your writing as per your age and experience. 

You can make money through sponsored posts, sharing digital products, and also advertising and affiliate marketing.

These blogs cover each stage of life, with a strong overlap on personal growth topics. 

Here are some of the popular idea:

  • Relationships
  • Learning a new skill
  • Productivity
  • Clothing brands
  • Vacation destinations etc.

Fashion Blog

Fashion blogging is the most popular niche and one that is a great money-maker. It’s a particularly good fit for you if you love posting on social media, which is where fashion bloggers become influencers and they earn a lot of money.


You can have various ideas about particular trends within fashion, or share fashion-related news and how dress sense should be.

Some people will say this blog is the best suit for female bloggers but there are plenty of men’s fashion blogs out there too. Fashion tends to focus more on tips and product suggestions than on personal photos.

Beauty Blog

Beauty and fashion are two blog ideas that always make money by affiliate commission. Latest trends in these industries are always evolving around the culture, and public demand.


Beauty bloggers are well known for getting lots of free products to share reviews, especially beauty and fashion bloggers attract more followers and get fame of influencer status on social media.

To make money in this niche you will get sponsored social media posts, affiliate marketing, and advertising of beauty products.

Travel Blog

If you love traveling to different places and are passionate about it then blogging about travel is the best niche for you and it is a very competitive one.


If you start a travel blog, you must focus on a specific target audience who are always looking for guidance and a roadmap of different places.

There are so many travel blogs you may find because they’re easy to monetize. Hence, travel is definitely one of the easiest, most popular blog ideas you can start to make huge money. 

Hotel chains and booking portals have affiliate programs and they offer you some amount of commission.You can earn money by selling travel guides.

Here are some travel blog topics you can choose:

  • Travel tips for women
  • Traveling with family
  • Budget travel tips
  • Backpacking tips
  • Your experiences

Food Blog

This blog is for those who love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, or who are foodie who love different dishes and desserts.


Food blogs revolves around recipes of dishes but can cover a variety of different topics like:

  • Baking recipes
  • Quick meals
  • Benefits of fruits and vegetables
  • Drink recipes
  • Restaurant reviews

Food blogs, like fashion and beauty, can be very visual, which is being active on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram can help your blog’s growth.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Blog

Do it yourself  (DIY) projects have become extremely popular over the years. These creative projects can be an art, just for fun, making things from waste to durable, or save money.


The market for DIY is steadily growing worldwide each year and will be the best option for housewives. You may imagine, there are a lot of topics and projects you find in your home to blog about DIY.

This is also one of the best blogging niches to make money from home. You can earn from making a portfolio, making tutorials. 

Craft Blog

It is a part of DIY Blogging but it is somewhat level up. If you have an interest in crafting, whether it be sewing, knitting, decorating, or something else, you can easily start a blog about it.


The great thing about this niche is that craft posts do incredibly well on Pinterest to attract people, so it’s pretty easy to get traffic in this niche.

Another significant aspect of the craft niche is that there are thousands of arts and crafts out there. You can choose any one out there.

Arts and crafts blogs help different types of people that’s what makes it one of the most searched niches on the internet when it comes to blog posts.

Final Words

This list consists of some of the most popular blogging ideas that help to make money and, but it is not all of them.

There are plenty of other blogging niches that also people are looking for to earn money.

I Hope this post has helped you discover blog ideas that make money and you’re now ready to choose a profitable niche as per your passion.

Lastly, remember one thing for blogging, hard work and consistency are crucial, so that you stay on top of the latest trends and also learn about SEO to rank top of the search results.